Smart Metering Devices Compatible with OpenMetrics

The web portal can collect and display data from meters that are on the compatible device list and supplied or commissioned by DEC Metrics.  Part of the smart metering system includes a meter reading service for communicating directly with Smart Meters.  

The service is compatible with the following types of meters using the prescribed communications protocols.  Smart meters can be purchased through the DEC Metrics store ( or Topupmeters (

Elster/Honeywell A1140 Three Phase GPRS Meter

The A1140 is the most widely used 3-phase smart meter.  The MID approved meter has GSM/GPRS communications module with network roaming SIM for remote monitoring.  High-gain external antennas can be used to provide reliable remote monitoring in even the most deprived signal quality areas.

Features Overview

  • MID Approved
  • 3-phase 4-wire meter
  • Current Transformer variant
  • Whole Current variant (max 100A)
  • ASLH308 GPRS Communications module with network roaming SIM
  • Day+1 meter read with half-hour profiling of import and export energy

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Elster/Honeywell A1700 Three Phase GPRS Meters

The A1700 is the bigger brother to the A1140 and used where higher-accuracy and high voltage monitoring are required.  The meter comes in a number of variants depending on the requirements.  Such as a VT/CT and direct connect version.  The CT meter can measure leads far beyond the 2500A current rating of the A1140. 

  • MID Approved Class 1 Accuracy meter
  • 3-phase 4-wire meter or 3-phase 3-wire versions
  • Multi-functional industrial meter
  • CT/VT ratios
  • ASLH Delta Plus II GSM modem with network roaming SIM
  • Day+1 meter reading with half-hour profiling of 4-quadrant energy measurement

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Emlite GPRS Smart Meter

The single phase electronic meter from Emlite is the most widely used domestic smart meter for secondary metering.  The EMA1 is the default choice for solar generators and large scale asset managers who require reliable and economic metering system.     The meter uses an GPRS communications module with internal antenna that accommodates a network roaming SIM card.  External antenna options are available. 

  • MID Approved
  • Single phase meter
  • Large back-lit LCD display
  • Integrated GPRS communications modem with network roaming SIM card
  • Day+1 meter reading with half-hour profiling for import and export energy
  • Most popular AMR meter for generation metering in the UK

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Emlite EMC1.w Twin Element GPRS Smart Meter

The twin element meter is like two meters in one.  Using an additional terminal for the second measuring circuit the meter is designed for independently measuring solar energy generation and grid energy import/export to calculate net energy consumption.  The meter is extensively used for PPA models. 

Openmetrics can display the full range of readings from this meter:

  • Solar PV generation
  • Battery charge (where applicable)
  • Grid import
  • Grid export from solar energy surplus
  • Solar utilisation


  • MID Approved as generation and export meter
  • Single phase with dual measuring elements
  • Integrated GPRS communications module with SIM
  • Net import / export and PV energy generation monitoring
  • Day+1 meter reading with half-hour profiling
  • Ideal solution for Power Purchase Agreements (domestic)

Topup Smart Meter (EMA1.y)

The Topup Smart Meter is a smart prepayment meter from Emlite.  Using GPRS mobile phone technology in a modern smart meter allows landlords to recharge energy to tenants using this tokenless prepayment system.  Tenants can purchase energy from the secure payment page here:

Landlords can manage their prepay smart meters from the web portal to:-

  • Monitor energy usage
  • Set tariffs and standing charges
  • See recent top-up history
  • And other management tools

More information can be found on the Topupmeters website here:


  • Dual fuel prepayment system
  • Completely tokenless
  • Economy 7 and other multi-rate tariffs supported
  • Home display unit optional
  • Storage heating control optional
  • Large LCD display showing credit level and tariffs
  • Secure payment gateway with client login


Gas Monitoring

The Topup smart meter and EMA1.y meters both allow for monitoring of gas consumption using a secondary device called a RF Pulse Sender (RFP).  This ATEX approved gas monitoring device receives pulses from the existing gas meter and sends wirelessly to the electricity meter which stores gas usage data.  If using in prepayment then charges are deducted from the single balance. 

The electric meter stores a cumulative total gas reading that gets sent over GPRS to the web portal every day.

  • 10 year battery life
  • ATEX approved
  • Long wireless range
  • RJ11 pulse cable connection


Wi-Fi Smart Meter

The Wi-Fi communications module connects onto the compatible Emlite base meters.  This can be swapped with an existing GSM module to enjoy the benefits of WiFi such as low data collection cost, avoids signal quality issues, and real-time remote monitoring.

  • MID Approved
  • Single phase meter
  • WiFi communications module
  • Real-time meter readings updated every 15 minutes
  • Android/IOS App for Openmetrics monitoring
  • Retrofit for all Emlite meter types and twin-element meters

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